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Creative projects made with passion

Click on the images below to start explore my creative projects

3D visualization A-frame cabin front
3D visualization Small house 1A with a Scandinavian design
3D visualization Small house 1B with a Scandinavian design
3D visualization modern and minimalist kitchen
3D visualization old apartment in Copenhagen
3D visualization minimalist living room
3D visualization 3D creation project Creative workplace
3D visualization demolition robot and mini excavator
3D visualization 3D creation project Mac Book Pro Laptop by Peter Garton
3D visualization bridge and tram
3D visualization Light combat vehicle
3D visualization AMV, Armored Modular Vehicle
3D visualization Concept design idea uncrewed multi-purpose vehicle
3D visualization 3D-model of a Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione II
3D visualization The Waterfront - 3D modell of a fictitious city
A Swedish 3D artist
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Even if the projects on this page are considered completed, I often update projects afterwards if I later come up with new ideas that make the project better or if I see something that can be improved by changing lighting, camera angle, adding or removing objects in the scene. Stay tuned! New projects will come in the spring of 2022 and onwards! Follow me on Instagram! If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form!

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