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Mix of artistic, creative and technical work

Click on the headlines below to find out more about me and my passion!

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Peter in a nutshell

I would like to describe myself as a curious and creative person with a passionate interest in 3D creation. I like to create, explore and learn new skills in 3D creation and transform creative ideas into images and videos. Apart from my interest in 3D creation, I'm also interested in architecture, concept art & design, urban planning, infrastructure, sci-fi & fantasy, programming, web development, filmmaking, visual communication and storytelling and social media marketing.

I like 3D creation because it's a mix of artistic, creative and technical work that I can combine with my other interests. While I'm doing stuff in 3D, I get to think and act a bit like an architect, concept designer, film director, filmmaker, concept artist and problem solver which is fun and stimulating. Within 3D creation, I'm particularly interested in modeling, lighting, rigging, animation and filmmaking. I'm self-taught within 3D creation and it has been an interest for many years.

But there is one thing I dislike about 3D creation and that is the stressful and sad feeling of not having time to realize all the creative ideas I come up with!

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Tools for 3D creation

To transform my creative ideas into images and animations, I use a Lenovo Legion T5 computer with a AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor, 16 GB memory and a Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card (GPU rendering with Optix! 😲 🤪) and three 24 inch monitors.

The computer's performance is okay for my current projects, but the dream is obviously a more powerful computer with better graphics cards or even better, a computer with multiple graphics cards to be able to realize larger projects in 3D!

My favorite DCC(Digital Content Creation) tool is Blender! It's incredibly powerful and has all the power and functions I need for my projects! I use it formost for modeling, rigging, animation, rendering and video editing. Blender is open source, free to use for any purpose, forever! Thanks Blender founder and CEO Ton Roosendaal and all developers at Blender headquarter in Amsterdam and around the world! I also use and test a bunch of other powerful, free and open source software for my projects.

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Develop and improve my skills

I want to develop and improve my skills within 3D creation together with other creative people who share the same passion for 3D creation as I do. Therefore, I am looking for a creative job! The job I am looking for can be a distance job in Sweden or elsewhere.

Use the contact form if you are interested and want to know more! Feel free to share this website if you know someone who is looking for a creative and curious person! Thanks!

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Creative projects

In my free time I like to work with some long-term projects within 3D creation. One of these projects is to create short sci-fi movies. It's a time consuming project, but it's fun, challenging and I learn a lot. The first movie will hopefully be ready sometimes in the second or third quarter of 2022.

Since I have a great interest in architecture, I also have a long-term project in architectural visualization where I design and visualize small and modern houses.

I also have a list of long-term educational projects where I want to explore and learn more about certain software and technologies when I have time. Some of the projects in the list are Unreal Engine, advanced rigging and animations, 3D sculpting, visual effects, AR & VR and photogrammetry. I'm also planning to learn how to play the piano and create electronic music and sound effects with midi-keyboard and DAW software for my up coming movie projects.

I'm doing these projects because I need a way to express my creativity and satisfy my curiosity by exploring and learning new knowledge! I show my projects here on the website and on social media for those who are interested and hopefully also inspire others to be creative. All projects on this website are my personal work and done in my free time.

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Fascination & possibilities

It's fascinating what you can do with today's technology and software in 3D creation! It feels like the possibilities are endless and the development is progressing fast, which means that there is always something new to explore and learn. Perfect if you are a curious person!

3D creation is like a bridge between an idea and an eye-catching presentation. Images and animations/films made with DCC tools are perfect as visual communication on websites and social media to sell, inform or instruct about an upcoming product that does not yet exist in reality like a concept idea of a new car or machine, a manufacturing process, a furniture, an apartment, a house, a building or large projects within urban planning and infrastructure to name a few examples.

I am particularly fascinated by the idea and the possibility of creating almost endless and realistic digital worlds for film, games, VR & AR. I often dream of larger projects such as recreating lost cities and civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome or the Mayan Empire with its surrounding jungle and pyramids to its former glory in a digital world to create entertainment and experiences in various forms in games and movies. Or why not use your imagination and create an unknown and unexplored world in a galaxy far, far away!? Exciting!

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Inspiration & new ideas

A great activity and place to find inspiration and to come up with new ideas is to take a hike in a forest, along a lake or a coastal scenery. While hiking, new ideas arises and ongoing projects are developed and improved while your senses scan the surrounding environment and harvests new and valuable input. While hiking your inner batteries are also charged with lots of new and creative energy. Hiking at Kopparhatten in Söderåsen National Park, Sweden If I want to find extra inspiration and super charge my inner batteries, I try to visit places with a mind blowing forest like in the image above which is Söderåsen National Park in Sweden. An alternative to a forest is a hike along the coastal scenery in northwestern Skåne or in Halland a sunny or windy day. I also find inspiration from books, movies, TV-series and social media.

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The creative process

When I have an idea that I want to transform into an image or animation, I often begin the creative process by collecting images for inspiration, making simple sketches with pen and paper or digital sketches with a Wacom tablet. If it's an architectural project, I usually make simple drawings of floor plans and facades before I start the modelling process.

If it's an architectural project I try to capture the feeling of living and walking around inside of the house myself while I sketch and do the 3D-modelling. If it's a sci-fi or fantasy project I'm doing, I might place myself as a pilot sitting in a futuristic spacecraft flying above the ground of an unexplored or forgotten world or as a director looking for the best shots of a spacecraft animation.

When I start a 3D project, I'm always full of energy and inspiration and I always have some mental images how I want the 3D modell/project to look when it's ready. But halfway into the process, it sometimes happens, that images of test renders from the ongoing project doesn't look like the mental images I had in the beginning! Then it's difficult not to be disappointed considering all the time that has been spent on the project, which also results in inspiration, energy and motivation decreasing. I guess you have experienced this yourself!? When this happens, I usually pause the project and let it rest for a while and instead continue with another project until I figure out how to change the 3D model/project so that it's more in line with the mental images or do something completely different.

A Swedish 3D artist
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As you may understand, I have no problem finding something to do in my spare time! Sometimes I wish I could clone myself to have time to realize all my creative ideas and to explore and learn all new and interesting things within the wonderful world of 3D creation! If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form! Follow me on Instagram!

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