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Mix of artistic, creative & technical work

I'm a curious and creative person with a great interest in 3D visualization, architecture and design...

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Curious & Creative

I would like to describe myself as a curious and creative person. My passion is creating digital content such as transforming creative ideas into images and videos using 3D visualization, but also taking pictures and writing texts. Content that can be used for visual communication to inform and inspire on websites and social media.

In addition to my interest in 3d visualization, I'm also interested in architecture, design, urban planning, infrastructure, web development and programming.

I'm also a big sci-fi fan and I like to use my imagination together with 3D visualization to create sci-fi projects. I have many ideas for sci-fi film projects that I hope to realize at some point.

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Discover & Explore

As a curious person I like to discover, explore, try and learn new knowledge in my areas of interest. Especially in 3D where there is always something new and exciting to explore because the technology is constantly developing at a fast pace.

But sometimes it can be a bit complicated to be a creative and curious person! Way too many new ideas, several ongoing projects and lots of new things waiting to be explored and new projects waiting to be realized!

On my list of things I want to explore and learn more about in the world of digital content creation, are Godot Game Engine, Unreal Game Engine, advanced rigging and animations, visual effects, AR & VR, photogrammetry and filmmaking. And on my list of projects waiting to be realized are several projects in architecture, design, urban planning, sci-fi films and books that I would like to write.

Sometimes I dream of a small cabin on a remote island or a penthouse in New York or perhaps somewhere in the wilderness, far away where I can work with my projects undisturbed.

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Digital Content Creation

As you can probably tell from the content of this website, I have a great interest in digital content creation and 3D visualization! It's mainly the mix of artistic, creative and technical work that makes me like 3D visualization. What I also like is that when I transform a creative idea in architecture or perhaps sci-fi into digital content with 3D visualization, I get to act in different roles such as visualizer to architect, decorator and film director. Another reason why I like digital content creation and 3D visualization is fascination! It feels like the possibilities are endless for what can be done in 3D and that really fascinates me and drives me forward in my interest!

I'm particularly interested in modeling, lighting, rigging, animation and filmmaking. I use 3D visualization to transform creative ideas mainly within architecture, design, urban planning and sci-fi into images or short movies.

I'm self-taught in 3D visualization and the software I use for my 3D visualization projects is Blender. From the beginning I used 3ds Max and SketchUp in my digital creation, but later switched to Blender, which has been my favorite tool for many years. Blender is a very powerful tool for digital content creation because in addition to 3D modeling and rendering of photorealistic images, it can also be used for animation and video editing. I also use other software like Gimp, Inkscape, Krita, Darktable and Meshroom to create digital content.

The image on top of this page is a 3D model that I have made of the computer I use for my projects in 3D visualization and digital content creation. It's a Lenovo Legion with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor, 16 GB memory and a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card with 6 GB memory. The computer is okay, but of course I dream of a more powerful computer with a better graphics card!

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Fascination and Possibilities

It's fascinating what you can do with today's technology and software in 3D creation! It feels like the possibilities are endless and the development is progressing fast, which means that there is always something new to explore and learn. Perfect if you are a curious person like me!

3D creation is like a bridge between an idea and an eye-catching presentation. Images, animations or videos made with digital content creation tools like Blender are perfect as visual communication on websites and social media to sell, inform, instruct or inspire about an upcoming product that does not yet exist in reality like a concept idea of a new car or machine, a manufacturing process, a furniture, an apartment, a house, a building or large projects within urban planning and infrastructure to name a few examples.

I am particularly fascinated by the idea and the possibility of creating almost endless and realistic digital worlds for movies, games, education, virtual reality or augmented reality. I often dream of larger 3D creation projects such as recreating lost cities and civilizations like ancient Rome and Egypt or a Mayan cities with its surrounding jungle to its former glory in a digital world. A world that could be used to create entertainment and experiences in various forms for education, games and movies. Or use my imagination and create a digital world of an unknown and unexplored world with futuristic sci-fi cities in a galaxy far, far away!

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Architecture & Design

New content is coming soon!

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Hiking in nature

Life is not only about digital content creation and 3D visualization. It might sound like I sit in front of a computer all day! Well, I don't! I also like living a healthy life and hiking long distances in nature. When I'm in nature, I can recharge my inner batteries with new energy, relax, reset my mind and generate new creative ideas.

Sometimes I want to challenge myself and hike extra long distances. I have many times considered hiking all the way from Ängelholm along the coast of the Bjäre Peninsula to Båstad, but always came to the realization that it is too far to hike in one day. Or maybe it isn't? At the end of July 2023, I decided to test if I could hike the whole distance... (continue read below the image)

Map of hiking path between Ängelholm and Båstad

At 21:39, after 10 hours of hiking, I finally reached my goal, the railway station outside of Båstad! I was very tired, but satisfied that I had completed the challenge of hiking all the way. The total length was 56.2 km. Most of the hike was at sea level, but after Hovs Hallar it became a challenge to hike up steep, rocky and muddy paths up to 150+ meters above sea level and later back down to the lower level again! Especially hard considering how tired I was at the time! You can see images read about my impressions from this and other hikes on my website about hiking in the south of Sweden www.naturvandra.se

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Creating websites, seo & programming

For some of my projects I create websites as platforms for visual communication. To create websites I use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery and PHP.

When I create content for a website, I make sure that page title, description, headlines, text and images are search engine optimized (seo) based on selected keywords that interest both search robots and human visitors.

I suppose my interest in creating websites comes from my interest in programming. An interest that began in the 80s when I bought my first home computer, a Texas Instrument TI 99/4A. At that time I started programming in BASIC. Although the Internet and websites were still somewhat unknown at this time, this was a very fun and exciting period in my life.

At the beginning of my interest I also had other home computers such as Spectravideo 328, Goldstar MSX, Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore VIC 20 and Atari 520 ST. Much has happened in technology since then and it has been an exciting development to follow! I have tried a few different programming languages ​​such as Java, C# and Python.